Helping employees in a satellite office feel connected to the main campus through a wild and weird graphics program.


My Role: Graphic Designer
What I Did: Graphic Program Theme
Development, User Journeys, Technical Drafting of Dimensional Elements, Final Art Production

Project Type: Environmental Graphics
Software: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Firm: Gensler
Timeline: 5 months


With their company growing rapidly, T-Mobile real estate team was in a pinch. They quickly needed some extra space but unfortunately that meant leasing a building that was separated from their main campus. We were tasked with creating a graphics program for a new three-story satellite building that embodied their culture and maintained a strong connection to their HQ.

ET, phone Bellevue.

Conceptual Approach

Furry picture frames. Glittery roller-skates. Freak flags. A bridge troll. No, I didn’t just throw a handful of word poetry magnets onto to a fridge door. These are just some of the parts and pieces that exemplify the T-Mobile's unwavering culture of Weird.

When we began to craft the strategy around the environmental graphics program, we knew we needed to dial the unexpected up to 11. They don’t play by the boring rules, and they don’t want their workplaces to either. We started by taking their core business values and distilling them into a cohesive thematic approach that we could apply through the graphics program. We isolated certain areas on each floor to celebrate specific brand stories. The lobby and arrival spaces were heavy on the Brand and Values, while areas like the breakout spaces got more interactive and engagement-driven expressions.

Adding Values

A brand’s values statement shouldn’t just be words on a page. Values are meant to remind employee’s of their collective mission. The reason they show up to work everyday. We chose to leverage the company's values statements by creating unique expressions on every floor that served as visual metaphors. In this case, making literal connections with nodes and wires to reflect the ways T-Mobile brings people together, no matter the distance.

When in Doubt, Fur it Out

T-Mobile prides itself on giving employees agency to infuse their personalities into their workspaces. One example of this is “fur baby brag board” installation where employees can hang up pictures of their pets.