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Stilt Banking App & Website
A digital mockup of a desktop computer screen and a mobile phone screen showing the user interface of a website and mobile app.
My Role
Product Designer
Native iOS App & Desktop website
Product design, Visual design
Stilt is a fintech company that provides loan and financial services to immigrants and underserved individuals who have little to no established credit in the US financial system.
Stilt came to use with a visual design identity already in place, but it was limited to their desktop web dashboard. They were ready to build their first native iOS app, but needed help translating their web experience to mobile. Working in collaboration with another Product Designer on my team, I expanded upon and made some modifications to Stilt's visual system on desktop and mobile to create a more unified set of components, patterns, and styles. I designed various flows for transaction and account overviews, loan applications, credit-score educational tools, and defined a system of gesture-based interactions to enhance the overall app experience.
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