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Rivian Automotive
Enterprise Product Design
A blue Rivian SUV sits parked in a driveway
My Role
Product Designer
Desktop webapps
Product Design, Visual Design, User Research
Rivian is an American Electric Vehicle manufacturer that produces consumer truck and SUVs as well as commercial vans. I was a Product Designer on their Enterprise Apps team, designing the software that the Service and Fulfillment teams used to diagnose issues, manage repairs, and track a vehicle throughout the entire Service cycle.

Work examples available upon request.
While at Rivian I had a direct role in:
  • Designing for multiple 0-1 initiatives to ramp up Rivian's service & fulfillment product infrastructure
  • Shipping an all new dashboard that uses live data to track a vehicles progress while being repaired, making cross-collaboration between service teams more efficient.
  • Designed an all new Appointment Scheduling experience that leveraged direct user feedback to shorten long communication loops between service teams, fill gaps in knowledge, and improve the overall customer experience of getting a vehicle in for service.
  • Various quality of life improvements on our Work Order Management systems to help the folks on the ground be more productive and efficient.
  • Participated in various user research sessions and worked closely with Product and Engineering partners to strategize and translate that feedback into new features for our products.
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