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Populus Dashboard Redesign
Two website mockups stacked on top of each other showing the user interface of a each page.
My Role
Lead Product Designer
SaaS Dashboard
Product design & strategy, Visual design, Icon design
Populus is a mobility startup that helps cities develop data-driven policies to better manage their streets by aggregating data from mobility operators (shared bikes, scooters, and cars).
My work with Populus has spanned nearly every corner of their product dashboard. Their user research had uncovered strong data that their current dashboard design was tripping some customers up, so I worked with them to develop a design system that was clean, simple, and most importantly: intuitive.

Before starting on UX improvements, I overhauled their existing UI to establish consistency between their three core products and give them an 'ownable' look and feel. This also included creating an icon family to represent their various services and product categories.

Once the UI was set I worked feature-by-feature to audit and augment experiences and flows where necessary to improve ease of use. This included developing strategies around map-based interactions, map-based information hierarchy through color and graphics, as well as pure data aggregation through tables and traditional dashboards.
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